Where the hell have you been??

OK – So I promised to keep the blog going….. that never happened. As I am sure you are all aware. And if you are reading this then well done for hanging on for me to type once again…..

So where have I been? Not too far away, I have just not found the time or the will to write. Sorry all.
So time for a quick catch up since you last saw me in 2018.

Where has my cycling taking me in the last 18 months or so? Quick update on it’s way.
But, no need to panic – I am still an accidental cyclist/triathlete.

18 August 2018: Wells-Next-The-Sea and back in a day. I, along with 8 other Brixworth Velo riders decided we would ride from Brixworth to Wells-Next-the-Sea and back in a day. Enjoying fish and chips on the coast at the half way point (this was a bad idea for digestion!!!). Only 232 miles in the day!
A hard but ever so rewarding day on the bikes. Tail wind out had us eating up the first half of the adventure before we got to smell the sea air and taste the local delicacy. Only problem being we now had the headwind on the way back!! Despite this and despite riding the last hour in complete darkness we managed to all finish this epic ride and doing so in an average of 17.3mph. The ironman training kicking in well for me as I felt stronger the further into the ride we went, until that 200 mile point when it really started to pinch!

116 miles down……. 116 to go…….

November 2018: Get hit by a car destroying my bike long with clothing etc.. However, despite whiplash, and a damaged wrist and months of physio I got off quite lucky considering. No broken bones, just unwanted time out of the saddle to heal. Thankfully I jumped back onto the horse as soon as I could, and despite having the odd nervous moment on the roundabout where it happened I have been OK with no lasting effects.
I have been hit twice now by a car, both times on a roundabout. 1st time didn’t knock me down, this time it did, but I survived…… the bike didn’t.


Let’s fly through 2019 with a bullet point list. Who doesn’t love a bullet point list right?

  • Brixworth Velo Sunday Socials (for the best part, apart from missing June through to November as life took hold).
  • Whitehorse Half Marathon with the Stockers.
  • My 40th – being spoilt by T and being taken to Brugge
  • Hitting the open water swimming regularly at Box End on a Wednesday evening.
  • Blenheim Triathlon – improving on last years time finishing in 1hr 19mins 38seconds – and finishing 88th overall. I’ll take that… And Mrs AccidentalCyclist (T) completing her first triathlon.
  • Accidentally mountain biking on my Blue Bird road bike in Wales (Don’t ask).
  • My first 70.3 race at Outlaw Holkham Half Ironman and finishing 119th overall and 19th in age category – very very happy.
  •  Spending a week in the French Alps with mates to enjoy cycling and to catch the tour. Highlights including:
    • The solo day I cycled to Italy up the Colle Delle Finestre and back – 84 miles, 11000+ft of climbing.
    • 100 mile day, 11000+ft of climbing, to and up Alpe Du Huez and back to Briancon.
    • Riding up The Galibier to watch the tour fly past us right at the top of the mountain (and getting on UK TV and me snapping this shot below of Glazer cheering on the pro G).
    • attempting Via Ferrata to only end up carrying the harnesses as Woody is crap with directions.
    • And just having a bloody great time with great people.
  • Box End Sprint Triathlon – T doing her second Triathlon and loving it.
  • Mallorca with the Fam – and getting to ride and run 🙂
  • Weymouth 70.3 Half Ironman – swim cut short to 900m due to adverse weather, but so was my race nearly when my knee went with 4 miles left to run. Hobbled home, disappointed with my performance. Motivation for training had waned and it made this race hard!! Still, I finished!!
  • Red Bull Time Laps – great 25 hour team event, where everyone taking part are #winners. Got a puncture on the power hour where laps counted double. It affected our teams overall standings. Then my knee injury from above bit me in the ass on my last stint. pedalled with one leg for 3 laps before calling it a day.
    Great weekend spent with great people from Brixworth Velo.
  • UCI World Road Racing Championships in Yorkshire in the torrential rain.
  • Brixworth Velo day out at the Derby Velodrome to enjoy hitting the boards.

What a year. What a 40th year. Lots of great times on and off the bike(s) with family and friends.

So why am I once again in the writing mood?
I have decided to do ANOTHER Ironman (this time it is the Ironman branded event too), taking part in Ironman Barcelona October 4th 2020. I can still hear Jade now, saying “you’ll end up doing another one as you won’t want to be that stat”. So this is my journey to see if I can better my time from Roth. Execute it better. Train better. Become a better swimmer. Become a better cyclist. Become a better runner. Become a better Triathlete….

Thanks to the wizard Christophe from Maple Tree Clinic in Northampton, my knee was fixed. The training is on. The understanding of Tania is on (She is also in training mode to do her first Olympic distance race). The Blog is on.

To get ready I will be doing a few more races throughout the year. So I will chart these as I go on. They will include a 200 mile in 2 day ride for #ride4jonty, a self planned Marathon with Ego, the Cotswold Classic 70.3 and the Bedford Olympic Triathlon, among many long swims, rides and runs throughout the year.

I won’t promise a weekly update, but I will promise more updates than in 2019 🙂

Till then……. Keep on riding

Big G

My favourite pic I took last year

Glazer cheering on G at the top of the Galibier during the Tour

And now a quick run through the year……. in no particular order.

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